Wedding Ceremony Officiant Rituals in Modern Marriage

Wedding day is one of the most cherished days of your life. Every aspect of it, from readings to music to symbolism, should be a reflection of you and the bond that you share. Express yourself among family and friends through a personalized ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant at personalized civil-secular, nondenominational, religious, spiritual and multicultural wedding ceremonies. Your Celebrant will help you create a ceremony that reflects the beliefs and traditions you find important.


Our Web site is designed to help you learn more about us and the ceremonies we offer to teach. It will furnish you with materials and resources, answer questions, and help you with your choice of ceremony and Celebrant. And, if you’re interested and so inspired, we invite you to join us, and become a Celebrant in your community. There are thousands of Celebrants throughout the world, of all ages and from all walks of life, who have embraced this most personally fulfilling vocation.

Here are some ways to make your ceremony unique to you:

Tell your personal story. Share the story of how you met and why you fell in love. What were the first words you said to each other? Where was your first date? How did the proposal happen? What actions of the other say I love you? What does your partner do that always makes you laugh? Your Celebrant can include these words in the introduction or elsewhere in the ceremony.

Interview your family and friends. Your Celebrant will talk to your loved ones and include their anecdotes, wishes and advice in the body of the ceremony.

Honor the Presenter. If one or both of you will be presented in marriage, take this time to reflect on what this relationship means to you. Have your Celebrant include words of homage, amusing stories, and thanks.

Celebrate Your Heritage. Make a list of your respective ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds. Research wedding rituals, poets and music from these traditions and create a distinctive blend of words and symbols. Honor both your backgrounds and the ceremony will reflect your unique partnership.

Something New. Borrow freely from the rich wedding customs around the world. You don’t need to belong to a particular culture or religion for its rituals to have meaning. Such rituals have been performed for hundreds or thousands of years because they resonate with universal truths about marriage.



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